Visually, Colosseo is a higher abercrombie and fitch outlet uk quality than your normal quick pizza place. The dcor has clearly been carefully selected to give off a welcoming, well pulled together feel to the restaurant. There are no red checked plastic tablecloths or sticky booths, but rather smooth wooden tables and chairs in front of the gleaming front counter. Pizzas by the slice are displayed behind glass in front of the brick oven. After you order, you can watch your pizza cook from across the room.

The regular pizzas come in two sizes, large abercrombie uk and extra large small and medium seem to have disappeared but those descriptions are accurate. At sixteen inches, a large is at least twice as much as two people can eat during one meal. The gourmet pizzas on the dinner menu are slightly smaller at fourteen inches and come with more unusual ingredients; for example, the Pizza Mare comes with scallops, shrimp, mussels and clams. To satisfy a sweet tooth, try the milkshakes. They are thick, abercrombie outlet foamy, but still blended well enough that you can sip through a straw. If you are searching for a place to split a sausage pizza with a few friends or order one to go, Colosseo is a delicious option.

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